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el stoodralito

From this… To this! Hugeass vinyl stickers! Rock! Advertisements

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sugar, spice, and all things nice

A friend/ex-boss/hero masa Urbanscapes wants Stoodle to mutilate decorate his daughter’s bedroom with some doodles. My Burgerman dreams are getting closer! This is a first draft of the sketch, just exploring the style and direction of the mural. Tak boleh … Continue reading

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Ubanscapes 09 experience – Part I

I’ve been meaning to jot this down somewhere, so that I don’t completely forget about it 3 months from now. The Urbanscapes experience – Stoodle’s first time ever setting up a booth anywhere. Don’t know about Idlan, but I’ve never … Continue reading

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My desk on a non-too-messy day

Gambar habuk, wayar bersepah, tisu dan sepahan-sepahan lain are intelligently cropped out of this picture. So, what does your workspace look like?

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StoodleHutter’s Bibikiu

Copious amounts of chicken, lamb, sotong, potato salad, cupcakes, air gas, popia, karipap, samosa dan kerepek nachos were consumed by all. Burp.

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