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cari makan bang

I got featured on this month’s KLue for the Cari Makan section. The interview was about the glories and pitfalls of freelancing life. If you’re not grabbing a copy (why aren’t you?!), it went on something like this: *** Interview … Continue reading

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MINDCREAT2010 – when the brain-tank robot attacks!

This is what I’ve been up to (selain daripada memanjat sana sini), in the last few weeks. MINDCREAT2010 is a creativity and innovation forum, with notables from the industry on its speakers’ list. I’ve been doing the creative concept and … Continue reading

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how to quit your job (well, actually, how to quit MY job)

About 16 months ago, I quit my first job. I was there for  5 years. It was the only proper job I knew, after graduating. The money was good. The tasks associated to the job, well, after 5 years, one … Continue reading

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bila disuntik perasaan

Phew, it’s tough keeping a secret for so long! Now that Andy’s released the artwork on his FB, it means it’s close to getting approved, and I get the greenlight to blab about it. This is what the super-secret project … Continue reading

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a sock, but with a beard

Writing here to keep me awake until time to go to office…hmm…I wonder until what time I will last at Quickschools today. Me without coffee has always been a questionable, sub-human affair. This stay-up-since-sahur thing is proving to be working. … Continue reading

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