random awesome

No I don’t know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, they don’t know much about us
When we’re exchanging glances
We’ll figure out one day,
What happened on your 24th birthday

– Yuna

Boy, do I feel old.

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4 Responses to random awesome

  1. ayyub says:

    this is just a random comment after a few minutes of blog-hopping if you don’t mind.

    i just wanna say, i love the wallflowers’ rebel, sweetheart!!!


  2. mims says:

    thanks for dropping by.

    i know! isn’t jakob dylan the awesomest? :D rebel, sweetheart is a brilliant album, walaupun kurang femes.

  3. ayyub says:

    intentionally meant to be kurang femes. it’s this thing with jakob. just look at seeing things, probably a far better album than all of his dad’s. huhu…

  4. mims says:

    this end of the telescope – absolute genius.

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