Mimi’s Useless Guide To Saigon – Part 2

(Mengupdate blog sambil menunggu Tikka Masala Kabobs di Cafe World ku. Kenapa aku mudah terjebak benda2 macam ni?! Kenapa?!)

Okay saya nak sambung travelogue Saigon yang dah berzaman dan basi tu, sebelum diserang amnesia sepenuhnya.

Ben Thanh

Although you can get kain chiffon RM7 semeter di sini (akak2 yang membaca blog ini, terujakah?), this is not the place for the faint-hearted (or the ticklish). Our Malay version of ‘bersopan-santun’ means squat here.  Their version of “mintak maaf kak, tumpang lalu sikit boleh?” is shoving you out of their way with their arm. They don’t tap, they push. It certainly got the message across faster. After 10 minutes of culture shock, you’ll realize that they don’t intend to be rude, it’s just that strong physical gestures are how they routinely communicate here. No one took offense, except the puzzled tourists.

If you’re a tourist, be prepared to be fleeced. Play hardball, ask for at least half of their initial price. You’d be surprised how often you’ll get your dream lacquerware/kain chiffon/kain cotton/kotak2 kayu at the price you asked. (Pretend to) walk away and hear the price descends with each step, amidst the din of the market.

Also, be prepared to wrestle your way free from the incessant grabbings of tshirt stallholders. They don’t tap and offer, they grab and scream “kaka kaka mura mura madam what you looking for I have your size madam“. You need to be strong-willed to survive this particular aisle, where they mostly sell tshirts. It didn’t take long for me to get annoyed, but there wasn’t much you can do about it, if you want your kain chiffon RM7 semeter.

I bought some knick knacks, and coffee. Titot dan Wida adelah paling champion, memborong kain cotton dan chiffon. Makcik kedai tu siap accept Ringgit Malaysia. Reti cakap Melayu gak sikit2. Nampak sangat la orang negara mana yang rajin datang bershopping kat sini kan.

(Tidak ada gambar di aisle tshirts kerana sibuk bergelut dengan tukang2 kedai.)

Ok la, Tikka Masala Kabobs pun dah lama masak. Dah sempat masak Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp pun. Cukup Mimi cukup!!! *tutup Facebook*

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