kena bamboo

FINALLY got around to really toy with the birthday present Idlan gave me – a Wacom Bamboo. Pretty neat, eh? Mungkin lepas ni lukis Stoodle semua pakai Bamboo ni je lah, jimat kertas! (Maaf kerana lama tidak ada Stoodle, there’s no excuse for this selain dari busy dan buat2 busy.)

I like! Tak perlu sapu2 meja from eraser dust. Tak perlu nak scan etc. Of course cannot replace the pen and paper feeling, but I’ll consider it a different medium. Idlan joked about finally getting it  right when it comes to giving me birthday presents, haha! (Buku quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson – besday present tahun bila eh – masih belum disentuh sehingga hari ini. Buat berlagak kat bookshelf sahaja.)

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5 Responses to kena bamboo

  1. snickletush says:

    i see johnny there! =)

  2. Idlan says:

    Buku quotes tu memang aku bagi untuk interior design..

  3. mimo says:

    snickletush – he has been waiting VERY patiently to play with you… ;)

    idlan – tima kasih. my room looks more cleverer with it.

  4. malini says:

    hi mimi, not sure whether you remember me from sekolah rendah dulu or not.
    just want to say what you are doing (freelance graphic design) is uber-cool!

  5. mims says:

    hi malini, of course i remember! budak paling pandai masa kat sekolah :D. thanks for dropping by!

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