mengambil gambar di luar rumah bersama lx3

Took the camera for a spin (cewah) around the house untuk test power.  All photos are uploaded straight from camera, tiada Photoshop intervention. All taken using the Intelligent Auto mode, which is mode yang paling malas dan paling auto sekali antara semua mode. The camera tries to think for you and change into respective modes automatically while you point to things to shoot. It did go into Portrait mode when I point at my gate…hmm…


The color tone is a bit colder than what I prefer and used to with Nikon D50, but this is something that can easily be fixed in Photoshop, which I do with most of my photos anyway. Heck, I might even get used to this colder tone and end up liking it. Hah.


The sharpness is incredible, as you can see in the reflection lines. (Credit kepada Pacik Mashud yang baru basuh kereta semalam)


Macro mode is a joy to use. Get as close as 1cm.  It will automatically change into Macro mode when you get too close to things. Although pakai Intelligent Auto mode ni, you can’t specify your AF point (atau mungkin sebenarnya boleh tapi aku malas baca manual), so sometimes have to half-press the shutter a few times to get the right object to be focused on.


Mungkin ini adalah portrait mode. (aka sengal mode). If the lighting is even and not at extreme ends, the LX3 does brilliantly.


Ooooo macro goodness!


Capture details and texture really well. Except if the object is white, surrounded by other things.


Wide angle.


Here’s the thing that I’ve been complaining about in my research – Lumix’s tendency to overblow highlights, as evidenced in the top right corner sebelah pokok hijau tu. Just have to learn to live with it, nothing is perfect, I guess, and try to avoid shooting a composition with very different levels of light, and you’ll be fine.



Kat rumah orang lain takde mende ni kut.


Wide enough for you?


Sekian mini-review dan sesi berlagak saya buat kali ini. Nanti karang try mode lain pulak.

In conclusion, this isn’t love at first sight. This is love of repeated sights and kutuk2 dulu and extensive research and suruh orang lain beli dulu. But it’s love. :D

More pics on Flickr.

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7 Responses to mengambil gambar di luar rumah bersama lx3

  1. Nate says:

    “In conclusion, this isn’t love at first sight. This is love of repeated sights and kutuk2 dulu and extensive research and suruh orang lain beli dulu. But it’s love.”

    OK i’m sold! (saya pun buat extensive research juga, tapi budget sahaja tiada)

    Beli kat mana? Shashinki kah? Heard the black one is hard to get.

  2. mimo says:

    yeay! more to join kelab ini! bought at Key Color, midvalley. bayar cash boleh dapat RM1600. they only sell black ones.

  3. Liz says:

    experimenting with camera baru memang sangat best!

  4. snickletush says:

    im loving it too! =)

    anne is thinking of getting one too! :P

  5. mimo says:

    liz – too true! dah lama takde camera baru ni!

    snickletush – let’s get anne to buy one too…hehehehe :D

  6. ayin says:

    Love love the macro outcome, esp gamba daun teratai tu.

  7. Ishar says:

    LX3 is a brilliant PnS Camera.

    Got one. Sold it off to get the G11.

    But with your artistic visualisation, you will capture good photos anyway.


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