random awesome

It had been  3 working weekends in a row. Although, not without its high points. I got to go to KL Sing Song 2009 with Iman, Anne and Jin, which made me an Annexe Gallery virgin, no longer. I know, so not happening right? Call yourself an illustrator and not mingling with the artsy fartsy types. But I suck at mingling. But! I shall make it a point to myself to attend more of these sort of things. Not so much for mingling and networking (which as a freelancer I should be doing but mostly suck at), but because it feels great to be blown away by other people’s talents.

Yuna’s Random Awesome has been on my repeat list since I heard it on Sunday. I’m probably behind in my fangirl duties, not too sure if this song is new or what, but I like the vibe of it. Light and cheerful, reminiscent and foreboding. Things past and things possible, they can all be good.


It was raining heavily outside during the show. I loved it when the thunder rumbles gently outside, providing a peculiar, but not unpleasant, kind of bass.


Helped a friend in a camera-buying decision (it wasn’t altruistic, I wanted to try the cameras for my own camera-buying decision :D) so now someone’s a proud owner of an LX-3. And I think another friend just bought one too. Panasonic should give me coupons. Soon! I will join this rank!

Could it be tomorrow? Heh. We shall see.


You guys might have seen these from the Stoodle website:



The latest issue of KLue and Junk, I’m ordering you to get them while it’s still November. Commissioned almost overnight, they called on Wednesday night, and the artwork were delivered Friday morning. Copious amount of coffee was consumed.

There are further interesting developments to do with the artwork, but I shall keep mum about it until it happens. Karang tak jadi buat malu je.


Uh oh, time to sleep! Perlu bangun kul 4am untuk menyaksikan what could be Liverpool’s last CL game this season. Sigh. I hope Voronin doesn’t start. But I have a feeling he will…

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4 Responses to random awesome

  1. norzu says:

    saya pun amat suka lagu random awesome itu. i thought it was really sweet and terkedu jugak listening to it

  2. idlan says:

    rafa benitez kau tu memang ada deathwish. lain kali startkan ngog…

  3. idlan says:

    oh and aku takde mp3 lagu yuna untuk wean you off youtube-replay macam john mayer hari tu :D

  4. mimo says:

    kak nor- kan? sungguh layan apabila it was sung live…

    idlan – rafa tu nak ikut pacik mashud bersara dan tanam Melon Glamour atas bumbung rumah kut. ah…penat la nak tekan button play ni byk2 kali……….

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