the book of quotes

I clicked on ‘New Post’ while having nothing exact to write about.

But let’s see if something can be coaxed out of its hiding, as I type meanderingly on this keyboard. Stream of consciousness and all that.

I am a quick judge of character. I said quick, not unflinchingly accurate. This, I know, is a character flaw. Which someone else would’ve quickly picked on had the person possess similar skill. Although I’d be breaking my back trying to prove this person wrong.

I am pretty set on getting the LX-3, I think. Vietnam will be the first international trip, sans DSLR! Gaaarr!

Just watched Grey’s Anatomy new season’s opening episode. Damn, they do whine a lot. (Although, I still cried when *spoiler*-*spoiler*-*spoiler*). But I guess something would be amiss from this modern life, if one can’t whine about stuff. You’d be busy fighting off a sabre-toothed tiger from stealing your caribou lunch, while having to look for a new cave because vampire bats shooed you off the last one, there’s no time for whining. Now that would suck.

My mind’s always trying to come up with these little quotes, in case one day A Book of Quotes by Mimi shall ever be produced:

i) You can believe in your opinions fervently, but remember they’re just stuff your mind comes up with to justify your previous opinion (hmm quote needs editing if it were to be published in ABoQbM)

ii) In the end they’re just opinions, so stop shoving them down my throat;


iii) In the end they’re just opinions, so it is my prerogative to change my mind tomorrow and agree with you

iv) I am a quick judge of character. I said quick. (sorry, my mind doesn’t actually come up with THAT many)

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. Not bad, stream of consciousness! Woot!


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2 Responses to the book of quotes

  1. norzu says:

    LX3! dah beli ke? was thinking of getting it myself..
    p?s: itu ironman kah?

  2. mimo says:

    norzu – belom beli! tapi dah nak beli dah ni! itu ironmeng versi stoodle…haha

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