sugar, spice, and all things nice


A friend/ex-boss/hero masa Urbanscapes wants Stoodle to mutilate decorate his daughter’s bedroom with some doodles. My Burgerman dreams are getting closer! This is a first draft of the sketch, just exploring the style and direction of the mural. Tak boleh sebarang-sebarang conteng bilik orang. The brief given to me was — ‘princess and ballerinas. And you can add some robots.’ (Lizard/unicorn creature was not part of brief). Will do some more drafts later.

The final product won’t look exactly like this, I imagine, since I’m planning to use sticky vinyls instead of actually painting someone’s wall. Vinyls are great because when the kid turns 15 and she no longer likes ballerinas and wants punk posters in her bedroom instead, she’ll just have to peel the artwork off. (By that time Encik Kimi, you’ll probably have more pressing daughterly issues than an uncool, unpeelable doodle on the wall.)


I’m falling asleep to Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem the last few nights. There’s one essay where she wrote about Lucille Miller, the woman found guilty for burning her husband alive, in his Volkswagen. They also found out that her lover’s wife died under suspicious circumstances. Lucille Miller was put away, and the lover, Arthwell Hayton, married his pretty babysitter.

Really, who needs fiction?

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4 Responses to sugar, spice, and all things nice

  1. idlan says:

    Saya sangat setuju dengan design ini kerana ianya ada kambing.

  2. Fairy says:

    Idea yang sangat cool!

  3. Othman says:

    Wow. Excellent. Love ur work.

    Do u mind adding me on FB? May want you to do my baby daughter wall when she’s a bit older… :)



  4. mimo says:

    hi othman, added! :)

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