Ubanscapes 09 experience – Part I

I’ve been meaning to jot this down somewhere, so that I don’t completely forget about it 3 months from now. The Urbanscapes experience – Stoodle’s first time ever setting up a booth anywhere. Don’t know about Idlan, but I’ve never ever sold anything from a booth-like environment in my life, not even during Hari Kokurikulum atau Hari Kantin di zaman2 kegemilangan persekolahan.

So understandably, for the entire month prior to Urbanscapes 09, I was plagued by worries and insecurities that would put an America’s Next Top Model contestant to shame. “What if no one comes?” “What if other stalls are better looking?” “What if they can see my crazy grey hair and think I’m too old for Urbanscapes?”. Which in turn has spawned more grey hair by all this worrying – hence, Ubanscapes.

(The grey hair issue got fixed by getting Afni to dye my hair, as part of her StoodleHelp duties, using a hair color that has probably passed its expiry date. Note to Mims, stop being a cheapskate next time.)

But the other worries can only be placated by trying to make the booth, later called StoodleHut look the way I envisioned it, and within our measly budget. I wanted the StoodleBunny to be a prominent character throughout the booth, pirate StoodleBunny, stoned StoodleBunny, screaming StoodleBunny etc. I wanted, as much as possible, the look of the booth to be organic and hand-drawn, hand-cut, hand-pasted. I stayed away from printing a largeass banner, which would’ve been easier and less wrist-straining, but instead hand-cut individual shapes and letters to be constructed as our main banner and other display elements for StoodleHut.


StoodleBunnies on rampage


We chose 'StoodleHut' because it was shorter than 'StoodleBoothique', hence less pain in the ass to cut

(Nini, Afni, Sha and Fiza will agree with me that trying to cut various bunny shapes out of mounting boards is a bitch. Especially when you don’t give them proper scissors. Hehe.)

The purpose of our appearance at Urbanscapes is more towards introducing Stoodle to people who’ve never heard of us and have no clue of what we do (which were, humblingly, 97% of Urbanscapes attendees, the other 3% was just us StoodleHut-keepers and some friends we forced to come), so I wanted to have a gallery of Stoodles inside the booth. All the previously done Stoodles were printed and stuck onto two huge boards and hung at the back of our booth. It turned out to be a great conversation starter, people walking in and commenting on this Stoodle or that, some took pictures of it, and all these people had absolutely no clue what Stoodle was. And now they do!


I have all these items to be displayed, to be hung, to be pasted, in my head. But when it comes to actually figuring out how to display our art and merchandise (and making sure they don’t disintegrate mid-event) and keeping everything organized and presentable, most of the thanks go to Afni. I, by default, live up to the artistic stereotype by being messy and hopelessly disorganized. Afni, on the other hand, is a pathologically anally (but in a nice way) tidy and organized person who makes lists of everything. We even had a mock StoodleHut in my dad’s office, just to make sure where exactly everything go, instead of just random sketches in my book. I have now learnt the importance of making lists, and list of lists. Organization, people, is extremely crucial! Else you end up with stuff not fitting the area/lost/completely forgotten until after the event (yup).

Kepada orang-orang ini: Nini, Afni, Sha and Fiza, terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kerana menolong memotong2 dan melekat2 dan secara amnya membuat sampah di dalam ofis Pacik Mashud.

I want to write about how actual day itself turned out, but that shall be another entry because this one is already the longest thing I’ve written in a very long time. So I shall press ‘Publish’, and pat myself on the back for having written something more than 600 words in one sitting.

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6 Responses to Ubanscapes 09 experience – Part I

  1. tellmewhyidontlikemondays says:

    pat – for this entry

    pat pat pat pat pat pat – for stoodle & stoodlehut @ urbanscapes (sila kongsi ini bersama Idlan & StoodleHelpers)


  2. mimo says:

    (wah terasa sgt byk tepukan di belakang) :D

  3. idlan says:

    aku pernah bukak gerai jual air sirap biru kat Sumbangsih skolah.

  4. AeM says:

    ah..rasa terharu pula..(altho i tau je that i will still meet a lot of resistance and complaints in future should i want to impose any form of neat and organized anything to stoodle ni!)

  5. mimo says:

    idlan – mungkin hari tu kita patut jual slurpee biru juga

    afni – resistance and complaints tu adelah reflex shj…terimalah seadanya.

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