I abandoned this blog about the same time Idlan and I started Stoodle. My excuse was, I can’t wear two hats at once. If I’m drawing, you won’t be able to get two coherent sentences out of me. As you can tell by the short quips that I try (very hard) to append after each stoodle. That’s why I usually leave the longer Stoodle blog entries to our Scourist. She werd, I kartoon. One hat at one time.

But I’ve spent the last few days reading through the blog archives of this guy, and he is really inspiring. Selling t-shirts with drawings of cupcakes online, he has managed to open some really cool actual outlets in LA, Boston etc. And become a multi-billionaire in the process. He is also, younger than me. For someone really, really busy, he sure manages to update his blog frequently. What I love about Johnny’s blog is that he shares the process of developing his brand, Johnny Cupcakes to the masses, and also the people he met, places he went, and just about everything else.

So, as Stoodle was inspired by the great Jon Burgerman, Johnny Cupcakes inspired this more personal blog, insight to things related to the process of Stoodling, experiences, and things like how my trip to the vet went. More than anything else, for my own record, because I have a memory of a person who forgets things. I hope I’ll manage to not abandon this one too soon!

(Trip to the vet was gruesome, Takun was writhing her head off when the vet applied some alcohol on her fresh skin, and I’m trying to recruit people to do this for Takun once Nini goes back to UIA. And I proposed to a bored rabbit if he’d like to become the Stoodle mascot.)

img00121 20090711 1752

Hey, rabbit, would you like to be our mascot?

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